With design that drives business results.

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Having lived and worked on three continents, I’m a seasoned visual designer with over twenty years of experience in creating memorable brand identities, event packages, multi-media presentations and web interfaces. Always at the forefront of technology, I combine my love for engineering and critical thinking
with technical and aesthetic skills to design, build and implement business focused solutions.

“As a designer, my philosophy has always been to understand the problem a client is trying to solve or the outcome someone is trying to achieve and design with the end in mind. My goal is to exceed expectations and make an indelible impression with excellent craftsmanship and communication.”

Excellence in the craft

Design is my passion and I believe in a full commitment to quality in thought and execution.

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Audience in mind

It’s not enough to create good design, it has to resonate with the target audience.

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Focus on results

I always strive to understand the business problem and address it with a design solution.

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Technically sound

I love technology and marry it with my design skills in every project I undertake.

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“You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality”
- Walt Disney

To imagine your future

Take a look at my work

IBM Watson Customer Engagement
IBM Watson Customer Engagement
Sales Academy 2019 Mock-ups
Client name: IBM
IBM Watson Customer Engagement
IBM Watson Customer Engagement
IBM Watson Customer Engagement
FLM Training 2018 Signage
Client name: IBM
IBM Watson Customer Engagement
IBM Watson Customer Engagement
IBM Watson Customer Engagement
FLM Training 2017 Signage
Client name: IBM
IBM Watson Customer Engagement
IBM Watson Customer Engagement
IBM Watson Customer Engagement
Sales Academy 2018 Signage
Client name: IBM
IBM Watson Customer Engagement
IBM Watson Customer Engagement
IBM Watson Customer Engagement
Omni-Channel Management Event Signage
Client name: IBM
IBM Watson Customer Engagement
Red Hat Partner Road Tour
Red Hat Partner Road Tour
Various event materials.
Client name: Red Hat
Red Hat Partner Road Tour


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Derek for the last two years where his capabilities, skills and work ethic never ceased to impress me. Not only does Derek truly give a damn about everything he does…from thoughtful interaction in team meetings to executing complex design projects that hit the mark every time...he seeks to always understand the mission and purpose. Derek also has very good organizational skills, with the ability to prioritize efforts, which would make a powerful fit into a management or team lead position. Derek’s future is bright and will surely impact any organization that has the good fortune of his service. For further perspective on Derek, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via linkedIn.

Jim Stirewalt
Vice President, Head of Worldwide Sales | Watson Customer Engagement at IBM

Derek has the ability to turn creative concepts into reality. I've worked with Derek for several years now. We've had the privilege of building client-centered tools and resources for the Watson Customer Engagement global sales organization. He pays keen attention to detail, user experience, time-schedules, and brand consistency. He's an outstanding designer and approaches every project with enthusiasm. I would highly recommend Derek to anyone looking for a great designer in web, print and multimedia design.

Holly Schalow
Vice President, Business Development at R2integrated

A uniquely, talented creative. Derek has all the tangibles necessary that add up to superior technical, creative talent and leadership. His problem-solving skills are focused on client results yet never compromise creative integrity. Passionate. Honest. Intelligent. Excellent mix of witty/funny. Observant… Talented. Pass him up at your own peril.

Mark Alan Williams
Marketing Strategic Specialist /Communication through Smart Digital Marketing, Lean Startup, Digital Innovation

Derek is an outstanding designer, extremely creative and has the ability to turn any brief into magic. He is reliable, deadline driven and honest, when it comes to his career and as a person. I have had only great work from Derek and would recommend him to anyone looking for a great designer in web, print and multimedia design. I would not hesitate to work with him again in the future.

Melisa Liebovitz
Creative Director - Conceptual Graphics

Derek knows how to take directional thoughts and intentions and turn them into expertly targeted messages. He makes "flat" ideas take shape as three-dimensional graphics that peak an audience's attention - while still letting the speaker shine. He knows how to draw the key points from his clients, he understands how to strike the balance of letting an idea form and evolve but is not afraid to guide a wandering discussion to its rightful end. He is a talented communicator across many media. He does all this on a seemingly 7x24 work schedule, turning around edits based on my time zone, no matter what continent I was on. His commitment is gold. When I inquired about his availability for a final edit over a late night, his response was simply, "I would never let you take the stage without feeling prepared". Working with him is truly a partnership toward a common goal.

Susan Reynolds
Global VP Partner Ecosystem, Channel Growth in SaaS Technology Solutions. Alliances & Partner Programs


Today, great design is at the center of business.

Companies small and large are recognizing the power of great design and investing in people and processes that support the creative application to business challenges. As a brand manager, product designer, user experience professional, I’ve honed the skills necessary to translate a business need into a compelling visual solution. Here are a few areas of my expertise.


There’s not much more exciting than taking an idea and bringing it to life in service of an objective. I’m well versed in taking executive vision and translating it into compelling stories with images.


User-centricity and achieving objectives of the site is at the forefront of all my designs.


I am well versed in optimal design for physical applications, including printing techniques.


I’m a big believer of stunning visuals helping tell the story and support the presenter in capturing an audience’s imagination and attention.


I pride myself on being a technical designer, which allows me to understand software and build innovative demo solutions for example to sell clients on future capabilities.

20 years of experience delivering great design work.

I’ve lived and worked on three continents, but one thing remains the same; my passion for design, commitment to my clients’ objectives, and desire to captivate audiences with poignant visuals. I’m always open to the next design challenge.


I’m acutely aware of the new communication era we’ve entered and tailor my communication design to the audience, the channel and the attention it requires.


Generally, I think of design as a product that needs to function and that’s how I approach any UX requirement. It must function and delight the user at the same time.


I’m keenly attentive to detail and love producing quality work that stands the test of time.


Regardless of role, I am a believer in protecting the brand and using it to provide a cohesive platform to all expressions of business value.


As a systems thinker, I enjoy the process of putting together a corporate identity that manifests throughout all the mediums of design and communication.